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Half Head Hair Extensions 20 pieces (For little Thickness Only, Fill in Gaps)

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We only use the best quality Eurpoean hair extensions which come in 22" length. With the quality of the hair and the correct after care, these extensions will last at least 9-12mths, with some clients using them for 18mths!
Hair extensions need to be looked after carefully to ensure the longevity, the correct shampoo and conditioner must be used along with a weekly treatment and a moisture spray to keep them soft and in great condition.
If cheap products are used with these extensions, eg supermarket or chemist shampoo and conditioner, the extensions will dry out and will not last very long.

No responsibility will be taken if the incorrect products are used and the extensions are destroyed - All extensions are sent out with detailed after care instructions. 
After care product packs can be purchased all side your extensions to make sure you get the best from the hair!

Half head of extensions is best for some extra thickness, but you will need more if you want extra length.
Half head is 20 pieces

Full head of extensions is best for adding thickness and a small amount of length if your natural hair is at least between your shoulders and bra strap in length, any shorter then you will need more extensions for it to blend.
Full head is 40 pieces

Extra full head of extensions is the most popular choice as this will give enough extensions for thickness and length, also the amount needed if your natural hair is above shoulder length.
Extra full head is 60 pieces

Double full head of extensions is for clients with very thick hair, you will need to add in more extensions to make it blend at the bottom and not look too thin. This is also a great choice for those who want super thick hair and a lot of length.
Double full head is 80 pieces.